Addiction is a mean disease and our entire staff is dedicated to making sure that those who seek help are supported in a collaborative venture where our clients and staff are working together for recovery. We use outside sources and our own network of professionals to provide our clients with compassionate and respectful care.

We alongside our sister company, Turning Point, are leading the way in combating addiction with special attention to trauma and drug therapies that can help maintain sobriety. We provide industry-leading, best practices, combined with individualized care to see our clients through all stages of recovery, starting with our detox programs.

Whether you are taking the first step towards sobriety, or struggling with a relapse, Focused Recovery can be an invaluable partner for lasting recovery.


Focused Recovery implements the most effective evidence-based treatment for alcohol and drug dependencies while demonstrating respect, compassion and a structured, clear path toward recovery for those we serve.

As an abstinence-based provider of safe, medically-supervised detoxification, we facilitate nonopiate protocols in our recovery services. Our adult clients are held accountable to fully engage in the IOP and individual curriculum including 12-step community-based participation.


Our strengths include the continuous development of a highly-qualified, multidisciplined team that facilitates integrative healthcare and the best possible outcomes for our clients and their families. Our staff is our most valuable resource and we fully support each team member’s advancement and growth.

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